Saturday, April 21, 2007


何人かでまとめて大量の料理を作り、家にもちかえって冷凍したりして保存する。時間とお金 の節約になるほか、新しいレシピを覚えたり技術を覚えたり、ただ集団で料理をつくることが社交の場になったりすることが期待される。さらに栄養のバランス を考えて献立をたてるという作業も共同で行える。



貧 困にあえいだ人々が食べ物を共同で大量に買い始めたことから生まれた共同炊事の動きをcomedores populareという。リマのコミュニティキッチンのグループの多くは食料の値上げが加速すると食料の自給率をあげるために食料の国内生産を増やすため のキャンペーンをはじめた。
The First Formal Community Kitchen Movement—Peru
our own recipies



『栄養と料理』デジタルアーカイブ 農村と共同炊事

Friday, April 20, 2007

10points health program

ヤングローズ(とは何かについては後ほど詳しく書きます。)の10points health program(Health Revolutionary Unity Movement)にインスパイアされて、作ってみた。画像のネタ元はこちら

10points health program(後ほど訳します)
  1. we want community-worker control of all health services in our oppressed communities.
  2. we want the right to form organizations of patients and workers to fight for improved working condirions, better patients care, and to make health policies.
  3. we want all hospitals currently under construction to be built immediatly to serve the needs of our oppressed communities.
  4. we want full employment and upgrading our poeple in all health facilities,and open admissions in all science school.
  5. we want free healthcare for all poeple
  6. we want community-run health clinic on every block to deal with miner health problems.
  7. we want door-to-door preventive care to deal with sanitation control,nutrition,drug addiction,child day care,and senior citizen services
  8. we want educational program that exposes the leading health prblems,such as unemployment,poor housing,unemployment,malnutrition,policebrutality and all other forms of exploitation
  9. we want community,students, unions, workers organizations to actively support and fight for this program in the interests of our poeple
  10. the role of health revolutionary health movement is to educate and unite all our poeple and to expose our corrupt health system that keps our poeple weak and unable to fight for self-determination and complete liberation.